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SustainPrint Article: "Boho, Ogden Publications, Melcher Media and University of Calif. Press Take Home 'Green' Awards"

Boho Magazine, Ogden Publications, University of California Press and Melcher Media are being recognized for outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability. The four publishing organizations have been selected as the winners of the third-annual SustainPrint Awards, produced by Publishing Executive and Book Business magazines.…


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Good to Know: "Taste for soft toilet roll worse than driving Hummers"

Extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply toilet roll made from virgin forest causes more damage than gas-guzzlers, fast food or McMansions, say campaigners. "This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Click here to read full… Continue

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Good to Know: "Blog - Once again the American publishing model proves to be DEAD…"

How on earth can you justify a magazine that is growing both in advertising and circulation being shuttered? Is it heavy discounts or give-a-ways? Who knows? One thing I know for sure is that the American publishing model is DEAD. It is time to reinvent the publishing model. Click here to read full blog post.

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Good to Know: "Site Launch: What's In Your Paper?"

WhatsInYourPaper.com delivers a comprehensive Toolkit full of resources to help paper purchasers save money by cutting paper waste and to buy paper products responsibly in an era of climate change and endangered forests. Featured in the Toolkit are the… Continue

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Good to Know: "There’s no reason paper has to be made from forests."

The ‘Wheat Sheet’ was produced last year by a North American mill and the paper – which looks and feels like a high-grade magazine sheet - was used in Canadian Geographic’s June 2008 issue. That publication marked the first time wheat straw waste was used in North American publishing. Click here to read full press release.

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Good to Know: "Sustainable Companies Outperform Peers During Financial Crisis"

A.T. Kearney announced findings in a new report which showed that companies focused on sustainability outperformed their peers by 15% during the financial crisis. These characteristics include strong corporate governance, sound risk-management practices and a focus on long-term strategy, not just short-term gains. The report, titled "Green Winners: The Performance of Sustainability-focused Companies in the Financial… Continue

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Good to Know: "Source Interlink Sues Publishers, Wholesalers Over ‘Conspiracy’"

Three weeks after threatening publishers with a 7-cents-per-copy price hike, magazine publisher and wholesaler Source Interlink has filed a lawsuit claiming rival wholesalers, as well as publishers, are attempting to force the company out of business. Defendants include American Media Inc., Bauer Publishing, Time Inc. and Hachette. To read the full article, click here.

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What’s the FSC-ing Deal?

In my blog on Better Ingredients, an associate questioned my bias and support for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. I, as do we all, have biases. Giving preference to FSC is one of them, and I’m glad that I was “called out” on it. Do I think that FSC is perfect? No. Is it possible for me to support other certification schemes? If they meet stringent, authentic, transparent and comprehensive… Continue

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Point, Counterpoint: FSC

In this marketplace awash with ecolabels and green claims, it’s important that the public (and your readers) take time to learn who’s behind the labels and the rigor of standards behind the claims. This concern is heightened in the area of forest certification and the eco-labeling of forest products. Forests comprise the some of the world’s most important ecosystems as well as the most endangered. In addition to the critical habitat, watersheds, carbon sinks, and numerous other… Continue

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Point, Counterpoint: SFI

First, thanks to Frank for the opportunity to provide some facts about the Sustainable Forest Initiative® (SFI®) program. At a time when just 10 percent of the world’s forests are certified, this kind of discussion is really important. If we truly care about managing forests sustainably, we should be looking for ways to certify more land rather than… Continue

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Green America's plan to decrease production cost, while going even greener

The economic downturn and increasing paper prices are hitting publications with small to medium size press-runs especially hard, but tough times can also encourage thrift and innovation. Publications on a tight budget can opt for lighter bsw, reducing trim size and improving newsstand efficiency to reduce paper volume, but these changes still only get you so far.

Green America's Publication Director, Dennis… Continue

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