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Enhanced Performance, Competitive Cost, Reduced Footprint: EcoSphere® biolatex® binders for coated paper.

Today, sustainability is an important issue for many businesses; and many organizations are dedicated to facilitating this initiative, like the Better Paper Project by Green America. If your organization values the use of environmentally sustainable products, and if you make a conscious effort to use recycled paper already, then you should be interested in paper that is even more sustainable.

EcoSynthetix Inc. is a…


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Earth Day Eco Facts


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Grants Program Awards Nearly 4,000 Recycling Bins to 70 Communities Nationwide

Recycling programs in 70 towns and cities throughout the country will receive a significant boost to their local efforts as Keep…


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Montgomery County Maryland Saves $2 Million Taxpayer Dollars with Paper and Printing Efficiency

September 27, 2010 - Paper Planet 1 A little over a year ago, Environmental Paper Network was contacted by Montgomery County, Maryland to provide advice, contacts and resources on paper use efficiency. In August of 2009, the County instituted a paper and printing reduction initiative to reduce waste and save taxpayer dollars. The results from year one of the program are in! This past week Montgomery County announced it had saved $2 million (US) and avoided the use of 3,000 trees last…


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Paper: The Many Shades of Green

October 7, 2010 - Folio: 1 It may seem surprising that there is not a real industry-wide definition of ‘green’ paper for all the gusto shown by publishers, mills, readers and advertisers for an ‘environmentally preferable’ paper, as Hearst calls it. The de facto classification applies to paper with a minimum of 10 percent recycled fiber for coated paper and 30 percent for uncoated, based on a federal order from more than a decade ago. But there are several environmental issues surrounding… Continue

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The State of Green Publishing

The State of Green Publishing

October 7, 2010 - Folio: 1 “Tricycle is ad-supported but the advertisers didn’t notice it, they just commented on the brightness of the paper. The readers didn’t notice it. Even our board of directors didn’t notice,” says controller Alyssa Snow. “Then we decided that we couldn’t polybag any more and that’s what people noticed. It’s the…


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Power of Ten

Power of 10 Percent was founded with the idea that everybody, collectively, can make a big difference by doing something as that's as little as 10%. We focus on alumni magazines because I think there is a huge opportunity for them to help influence the industry. By-and-large they have fewer hurdles than their commercial counterparts when switching to more recycled content, as smaller groups of decision makers… Continue

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Sustainable Design Auditing Project Invites Industry to the Table

Re-nourish, together with partner organizations including the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), has launched the Sustainable Design Auditing Project (SDAP), a public process to develop open-source metrics for measuring the environmental, social and economic impacts of the graphic design supply chain. The multi-stakeholder process is intended to provide companies, designers, and their clients with a more accurate, transparent way to manage sustainable decision-making across projects,… Continue

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Webinar | Paper Users Beware: Lacey Act Has Big, Gnarly Teeth

October 14th Webinar recording. Description: The Lacey Act prohibits trade in illegally harvested wood and plant products. If you use paper, you should make sure you understand how the Lacey Act's "teeth" can affect you legally and financially. Watch this webinar to learn how to protect your company while also protecting the environment. This webinar features Andrea Johnson from the Environmental Investigation Agency, and is co-sponsored by Print Buyers Online and the Green America Better Paper… Continue

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Books-a-Million promotes magazines on recycled paper

Books-a-Million kicked off its first promotion with the Green America Better Paper Project to spotlight a handful of magazines using recycled paper. The six participating titles each have their own sign under the title indicating that "This magazine is printed on recycled paper." The magazines and signs appear directly in the mainline display at all Books-a-Million stores nationally for the entire month of September.

To be eligible for the promotion, magazines need to be… Continue

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Webinar | Part I1: Marketing your iPad-ready digimag

September 22nd Webinar recording. Description: It doesn't do you any good to create an interactive, iPad-ready digimag unless you let people know it’s there. In this micro-webinar, we’ll give you 5 Tips to cost-effectively Market your iPad-ready digimag. Topics covered include email marketing, online promotion, pricing strategy, and (gasp) print to online marketing, as well as samples of what people are doing now.…


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Good To Know: "Domtar's Two Sides of the Atlantic"

September 21, 2010 - Paper Planet 1 News came this week that Domtar has become the first North American company to join the Two Sides campaign, a UK based organization funded by some in the industry to promote wasteful consumption of paper products, more costly ways of doing business, such as its active campaign to eliminate the "don't print" reminder at the bottom of emails. Its not exactly the kind of leadership our "paper planet" needs.…


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This blog is for the environmentally-minded

Yes, I’m asking for your environmental attention once again, but I’ve also got another helpful tool for you. Just as the “Paper Steps” in clarifies and explains which are the best environmental papers on the market, clearly outlines why and how some pulp mills are more environmentally sound than others.… Continue

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Graphic Design Resource Re-nourish Joins the Environmental Paper Network

Sustainable graphic design resource has joined the Environmental Paper Network, a diverse coalition of leading environmental groups, in an effort to move the pulp and paper industry toward environmental and social sustainability. Re-nourish’s membership in the EPN represents a commitment to the coalition’s Common Vision, which focuses on minimizing paper use, increasing recycled content in paper, supporting clean pulp and paper production,… Continue

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Webinar | Part I: 5 Tips for Cost-Effective iPad Creation

August 11th Webinar recording. Description: Join us for a quick overview about how you can join the iPad revolution and get revenue out of your digital content. Thea Selby of Next Steps Marketing will provide tips for cost-effective iPad creation and digital best practices. This webinar will be 15-20 minutes and will ensure you gain knowledge to begin a successful iPad strategy. Continue

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Announcing the 2010 Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines

Created in 2005, the Aveda Environmental Award celebrates environmental leadership and achievement in the magazine industry. Any consumer or B-to-B magazine that uses environmentally responsible paper/production practices is eligible to apply. You can learn more about criteria here.

What are the award categories?…


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Good to Know: "Groups Sue to Stop GE Trees Release in Southern United States"

July 2, 2010 - The Paper Planet 1 In approving the GE eucalyptus permits, the Department of Agriculture ignored the concerns of numerous agencies and scientists, including the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council, which formally criticized the proposed open field tests of these genetically engineered trees. “In refusing to prepare a detailed environmental review, the Department of Agriculture ignored serious risks before permitting this action,” said… Continue

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Remagine: Read it. Wrap it. Mail it.

A new idea should raise a lot of questions. Making the idea a reality requires carefully considering and answering those questions. I am not alone in believing that more magazines can use recycled paper. My idea is that magazines can help themselves by contributing their used/recycled magazines to feed the recycled paper making system.

How can this become a reality? While at Time Inc, David Refkin created ReMix (Recycling Magazines Is eXcellent), a pilot project that… Continue

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Good to Know: "CEO Survey: Sustainability Critical to Future Success"

June 23, 2010 - | An overwhelming majority of corporate CEOs--93%--say that sustainability will be critical to the future success of their companies, in spite of the recent economic downturn. Furthermore, CEOs believe that, within a decade, a tipping point could be reached that fully meshes sustainability with core business. Click here to read full article.

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Green Printing Refund Initiative

At the Print Oasis Print Buyers Conference July 19-20, Print Buyers (PBO) will announce plans to introduce legislation in the US Congress that will allow companies to receive refunds from state sales tax as a reward for purchasing environmentally responsible print projects. President and PBO founder, Suzanne Morgan, introduced this idea in a… Continue

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