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The Better Paper Project is your home for accessing crucial resources to make informed environmental and economic decisions about your paper purchasing.


Magazines that use recycled paper

Hundreds of magazines are leading the way in sustainable publishing by printing on recycled magazine paper, including Every Day with Rachael Ray, Audubon and Motorcycle Classics. View them alphabetically or by topic.


"Where can I buy recycled paper?"

If you were wondering how to print a magazine that is good for the environment, you can purchase paper from dozens of high quality and affordable recycled paper providers such as FutureMark, NewPageLeipa, and Cascades. Browse Canopy's Eco-Paper Database for Ancient Forest Friendly™ and other environmentally preferable papers available in the North American marketplace.


Recycled Paper Facts

To better understand recycled paper, check out our Paper FAQs, Paper Glossary and Eco-Speak: A User's Guide to the Language of Recycling.


The Paper Calculator

Discover the environmental impact of your current paper choice by using this calculator from the Environmental Paper Network.


The Paper Steps

The Paper Steps have been designed to show the steps to environmentally superior paper based on the Environmental Paper Network's Common Vision.


Research Reports

Find industry reports, white papers and additional information about environmental paper here.



Connect to our allies in the Environmental Paper Network and other helpful resources.

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