Magazine Readers

When magazine readers speak up, publishers listen. You can push the magazine industry to become more sustainable by taking action in these ways:


Shop Green
Next time you're in the market for a magazine, use this comprehensive list of magazines that use recycled and FSC-certified papers. Also, has a special section devoted to magazines that use environmental paper.


Congratulate Recycled Magazine Publishers
As a magazine consumer, let them know that you appreciate their commitment to environmental paper.

Encourage Magazines to Switch to Recycled Paper
Publishers are more likely to make responsible environmental decisions when they know they'll have reader support.

Stop Junk Mail


Another way you can reduce your carbon footprint from paper is stopping junk mail in its track. Find out ways to take action against unwanted mail.



Recycle Magazines When You're Finished Reading Them
The Environmental Protection Agency provides information on paper recycling for students, teachers and everyday citizens.


Join Green America

Help grow a green economy by being a member today. Get resources, like the National Green Pages, to find businesses that care about the environment like you do.

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