Join the Better Paper Project

The Benefits of Membership include:

  1. Exclusive newsstand promotions that improve retail sales while highlighting your magazine as an eco-leader.
  2. Expert advice, guidance, and information, such as our Green in All Grades report, about environmental paper options and strategies.
  3. Building awareness of your magazine with our direct outreach campaigns to retailers and distributors.
  4. Up to 45% savings with UPS and up to 27% savings with FedEx; and, the ability to register for Green Festival booths to communicate directly with hundreds of thousands of people in cities nationwide who support sustainable companies.
  5. Additional economic incentives to encourage and support your environmental paper efforts.


Who's Eligible?

If you are using recycled paper, you can participate in the discounted and free promotions. If you are not on recycled paper, don't worry, become a member and we'll help you find the best environmental paper for your needs – then you can take advantage of the promotions and increase your exposure and sales!"

Member Rates

Your Better Paper Network membership dues in 2013 will allow us to expand the services that we provide to you. The membership rate decreases as the number of participating titles increases.

  • $249 per magazine per year if 1-2 titles participate.
  • $219 per magazine per year if 3-4 titles participate.
  • $189 per magazine per year if 5 or more titles participate.

To join, simply

and enter your credit card information. Any questions? Contact Frank at or call 202-872-5308. 

If you'd prefer to mail in a physical copy of your invoice, download this invoice.pdf and mail it back to us. If you're renewing your membership, complete this renewal pdf (pdf).

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